Are you having a tough time seeing muscle growth?? Check out these tips!

I would love to share with you something Coach Skyhlar posted on her Instagram the other day! Skyhlar is an SA Fitness coach who has a ton of knowledge to share! check out her post on building muscle!

Let's talk about growing muscle 💪.

Growing muscle is something many of us would like to obtain, but oftentimes we get frustrated when we don't see results right away. Why is that?

1️⃣ Setting a short time limit.
When we give ourselves a short time limit to grow muscle, let's say one month, and then feel disappointed that we didn't reach our goal, this can feel defeating. Give. Yourself. Time. Muscle can take months and even years to grow. This is not a sprint.

2️⃣ Keeping the weights and reps the same.
When we don't challenge ourselves and are always keeping the weights and reps the same, we will hit a plateau where we will no longer see progress. Challenge yourself to try higher reps or upping the weight. Try lower reps with a higher weight, or higher reps with a lower weight. Having a balance can help with progressing.

3️⃣ You are distracted.
I can say we have all been there. Texting someone back, answering emails, scrolling the 'gram. When we are distracted, we are not focused on the workout. Put the phone down and give yourself a time limit to get in and get out before you catch up on everything else. Use this time for you.

4️⃣ Not using proper form.
When our form is off, it is hard to see results. Proper form over a heavier weight can make all the difference in the world. If we go heavy, but our form is lost, we will not see any progression. We may even injure ourselves Focus on form first.

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