Can I eat carbs and still lose weight??

Chefs plate - burger:fries with Sam

I want to talk about how to lose weight AND eat carbs!
YES! You can still eat carbs and lose weight! 👊👊

Guess what, flexible dieting does work! I was eating pizza, cookies, and whatever I wanted during my prep for my competitions. I just made sure the foods I ate foods that fit into my macros and I ensured that I stayed within my calories. Trust me, from experience, it does work. However, I wasn’t eating these types of foods all the time. 80 % of my diet would be clean whole foods and the other 20% I would enjoy what I wanted to, I just made sure it fit into my macros!

😊 Right now I want you to introduce flexible dieting into your life. Just start tracking your average day of eating and see what types of foods and macros you are consuming. My clients who are on my customized programs receive their calculated macros and calories to take the guesswork out of tracking. My clients who stick to their program are most successful 🙂

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