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Meet Tina

Tina Schultz- Coach Bio Pic

Tina Schultz, CPT, RBT, IFT, GFS, SFS, ICT, STC, PN1, YFC

Several years ago, I began a journey to improve my overall health and fitness and developed a desire to help others achieve their goals.  In 2016, I became a Certified Personal Trainer, attended an Elite Training Workshop and received my certification in Resistance Band Training.  Due to my passion and love for golf, I wanted to further my fitness education by learning about golf fitness.  In 2017, I received my certifications in Integrated Flexibility Training and Golf Fitness Specialist.  Additionally, I am a certified Senior Fitness Specialist, and have certifications in Integrated Core Training and TRX Suspension

Besides exercise, I know nutrition plays an important role in improving one’s health, so I decided to become a Certified Nutrition Coach. My goal is to help everyday people make small changes on a day-to-day basis to improve the overall quality of their life.  I believe that flexibility, balance, core stability, strength, power, body awareness and even endurance are all physical traits that every person must possess in their daily activities.

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