Low Energy?!? Try These Tips! 

Having low energy sucks, am I right? I know I am so much less productive and motivated when my energy takes a dip.

Here are 3 simple steps to get your energy back!

#1: Optimize your sleep environment.

Just like setting up your environment for your fitness space to help set yourself up for success, setting up your sleep environment is going to help too!

Is your room set up with a lot of junk, maybe reminding you of all the work you have to do. More stress meant less sleep.

Let’s try setting up a relaxing environment. This is essential for a good night’s rest. 

People sleep better when their bedroom is optimized for comfort, light, noise and temperature.

Let’s start with decluttering.

Check out Marie Kondo, the famous tidying consultant on Netflix, for cleaning method ideas!

By just decluttering you can create a space of serenity and inspiration just by decluttering.

Decluttering can not only help your sleep but your mental clarity as well!

Second is Redecorate

Redecorating your sleep environment can help for optimal sleep!

Let’s try to adjust:

➤ Light levels and quality: Dimmed or red/orange spectrum light (as opposed to bright or blue/green-spectrum light) can help promote sleep and relaxation. I like to have it pitch black and if the tv is on, then I make sure it is very dim.

➤ Environmental temperature: Having a cool environment can be helpful (this is what I like). But, you might find that warmth may be more relaxing, and you may prefer a heated blanket or warm bath before bed. Again, do what works best for you.

➤ Noise (and silence) levels: Do you like having noise to sleep, or complete quiet? I like a little bit of background noise, typically a fan:) Try seeing what works best for you, complete silence or add in background sounds—like music, storm or songbird playlists, or white noise—more relaxing.

➤ Tactile stimulation: This one is big for me, how does the bedsheets feel? I have to make sure mine are always pulled tight. How do you feel in your pj’s? What about a fluffy cat or a dog? What about a body pillow or stuffed animal? What about a weighted blanket? Try a few options that work best for you

Don’t forget: 

Not everyone is the same. Try stuff, and see what works.

#2. Help yourself feel socially safe.

We need supportive social connections, yet most of the time it is other people that often cause the most pain.

In other words, the relationships we have can be a source of energy… or energy drain. 

There is a way to gauge whether a relationship is giving or taking your energy!

When you’re securely attached: Do you feel free to be yourself and express your needs? Do you trust the other person to have your back and be an ally and advocate? Do you also gain energy from engaging and connecting?

When you’re not securely attached: Do you feel as if you can’t honestly share your true thoughts or feelings? This can be exhausting.

Your energy gets drained by the work of hiding yourself, attempting to manage others’ feelings, and/or trying to protect yourself from their toxicity.

Now it is time to make a list of the people in your life.

Include animals (such as your dog, cat, or horse) as well as yourself.

Ask yourself, for each relationship, consider how strong, safe, secure, or supportive the attachment or connection is.

  • Strong: Is the bond robust and nearly unbreakable? This relationship has “life” and vitality. You’re connected.
  • Safe: Do you feel validated, seen, and accepted? You can be messy, real, and vulnerable, and won’t be criticized, judged, or rejected.
  • Secure: Do you trust this relationship? It’ll be there for you no matter what.
  • Supportive: Does the other person genuinely care about your goals and values, and wants to help you succeed?

Jot down some names on your list.

Whatever you notice, don’t judge it. Just observe. Then, record your answers to these questions:

  1. Who gives you energy when you interact with them? Who drains it?
  2. Which relationships feel the most connected and close? What gives you that feeling?
  3. Which relationships feel more complicated, risky, stale, or insecure? What gives you that feeling?
  4. Who helps you move towards being the person you want to be? How exactly do they do that?

Now that we have our list and questions answered, we want to move on to the next step. Consider which relationships might be stealing some of your energy. Is there anything you can do to strengthen them? Or, is it time to let go of some?

Try bringing in more people/pets that give you energy, vs drains you.

But bringing awareness to how relationships either energize or drain you can be a key step.

#3: Give back… wisely

Giving to others can be beneficial for your energy. But if you are giving for the wrong reasons, maybe to please certain people, then this may not be the best idea.

To gain energy rather than drain it, carefully choose the service and care you offer, and care for yourself, too. Look for options that bring you and others joy and comfort, but don’t run you down.

When you prioritize what you truly value, and select your caring and service thoughtfully (rather than it being just one more obligation), then giving to others feels great—rather than just another draining chore that pushes you further down your own to-do list.

Energy can hide in surprising places.

Try these 3 action steps today and see how your energy changes.

This post was derived from Precision Nutrition. Read the full article here.

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