Mindset Shifts

Mindset Shifts!

I am super excited, as I was approached by an amazing writer to create an article exclusively for my website! Her outlook on health and fitness aligns with who I am and the type of content I like to share with all of you! I will be posting the article to my website once the site is back and running with some awesome updates! So for now, I would still like to share it with you; take a read!!

How Shifting Your Mindset Can Help Reach Your Fitness Goals

It's no secret that fitness goals aren't the easiest to reach, as they can require quite a change in lifestyle. Many of us often also put them off by telling ourselves excuses, such as not having time to exercise today or not wanting to give up on your favourite sweet or salty comfort food just yet.

This is why reaching one's fitness goals is a process that you’ll need to commit to. And to begin your journey towards those goals and, perhaps, resist the excuses mentioned above, what you may need is a change in perspective. Here’s how something as simple as shifting your mindset can help you reach your fitness goals:

It’s the first step to changing old habits
It is often said that it takes 21 days to build a habit, but how quickly a habit forms actually depends on what the habit is. In fact, studies have shown that a habit can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form. For instance, building a habit of drinking a glass of water before breakfast will be easier compared to getting dressed and going out to do some walking or jogging.

So, once you’ve set your main fitness goals, build smaller, more specific goals as stepping stones to reach them. For example, the goal of “having a healthy diet” can be too broad. Smaller goals that can lead to it are putting snacks or chips on a plate rather than eating from the package, which can help you better control how much you eat, and adding more fruits into your diet. By changing your perspective, and breaking big goals down to smaller and more specific milestones, your fitness journey becomes more doable.

It boosts confidence
Confidence is important in chasing down any goal. There are two kinds of confidence: internal and external. Internal confidence is more important than external since it includes self-awareness. You’re sure that you’re capable of what you’re doing, and you can overcome any possible barriers.

While internal confidence initially can’t be seen, it can sometimes show through external confidence. External confidence encompasses everything people can see, like your body language. When going to the gym, others can see your confidence through the way you work on your body without nervously glancing around to see if anyone is noticing how much sweat is pouring down your face. Even something as simple as liking your gym outfit can help your confidence. Like topping off your gym outfit with a hat or shoes that match your colour scheme.

It helps you cope with challenges
Reaching long-term goals is never easy as they can come with a lot of obstacles. It may be a bit easier to overcome these once you’ve finally built a habit; however,  facing them when you're just starting out can be a big problem. Either way, shifting your mindset can help boost your motivation in order to continue your progress.

For example, you might negotiate with yourself if things don’t go the way you planned. If you were aiming to exercise after work, but keep saying you’ll just do it the next day because you’re too tired, then you should consider exercising in the morning or do some brisk walking during your lunch break. Or if you attended a birthday party and felt guilty for having a piece of cake or you overate on some of the treat foods, you may feel like you ruined your balanced eating plan. But not all is lost; just jump back into your routine as soon as possible. Running into bumps along the way doesn’t mean you failed — it makes you stronger! Tell yourself that you CAN, and jump straight back into the habits you're trying to form as soon as you can.

New habits can be difficult to incorporate into your life. However, pushing through all the hardships can teach you to love yourself more — especially when you shift your focus from how far you have to go, to just how far you’ve come.

Written by Alyson Sienna Colby
Exclusive for samanthaandersonfitness.com

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