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100% Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

  • Magnum and I are partnering up immediately. You can use my code is “SAFit” You, my clients, have a 5% discount on the website!

  • Below are my recommendations for a great weight loss stack!!

  • Prefo (Pre Workout)

  • Heat (Fat Burner)

  • Quatro (Protein powder)

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Samantha Anderson Dripfit

I have becomean @drip_fit Brand Ambassador! As you know I LOVE all things FITNESS and I am super excited to be part of the TEAM! Dripfit has many benefits! Check out a few below.

  • Helps improve performance and sweat production: DripFit has 2 active ingredients that cause a physiological reaction in the body. Both magnesium & castor oil, when applied topically, work on a muscular & cellular level. They increase vasodilation & blood flow as well as aiding in the circulation of the lymphatic system. This not only gives you a better pump, but it also helps deliver blood & nutrients to the body & muscles. Castor oil has been shown to help shuttle toxins to the liver which is essential for detoxification. This will allow you to push harder for longer & recover faster.

  • Enhance skin tone. DripFit is packed with natural emollients that have a 'plumping' effect, giving the skin the appearance of reduced wrinkles and lines.

Get yours today using Promo Code "SAFit"

  • Spier Clothing is an amazing locally owned athleticwear company who donates $1 from every sale to local charities!

  • I love how stylish and comfortable their clothing is!!


  • Kangoo Jumps is an amazing and fun class. Kangoo Jumps improves muscle tone, burns up to 1000 kcal/session, increases endurance and oxygen consumption, enhances balance, mobility, and coordination skills.

  • Message me to join our next class. We have boots available for rental or you can purchase your own with the link below and using our disocunt code.

DISCOUNT CODE ‘Samantha10’

SA Fitness Booty Bands

Each bag comes with 3 bands- light, medium, and heavy! PLUS FREE access to my app to receive a 2-week Booty Band program!! This program will show you tons of ways to use your bands, with how-to videos so you can follow along and track your progress!

Benefits of bands and why I love them

  • Bands provide incredible resistance to activate the glutes and increase the mind-muscle connection, which helps make sure the glutes are doing the work! The extra resistance is key for when you want to push further with your progress.

  • Bands recruit your stabilizing muscles, which means you are strengthening the muscles that are important for posture and injury prevention.

  • The Booty Bands fold up nicely in a mini carrying bag so you can take them anywhere and get a great workout!! Talk about convenience!

  • Use them at home, use them at the gym, at a hotel, on your lunch break, you name it these bands will have your back… and your booty 😉!!!

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4 Week Shred Ebook

Boost your CONFIDENCE, increase ENERGY, and drop body fat

This 4 Weeks To Shred Ebook is going to have you kicking your workout’s butt!! I am thrilled to share this with you! This affordable, easy-to-use Ebook is just what you are looking for to get your body in top shape. Let me help you increase your energy, drop body fat and boost your confidence!!

It’s time to get SHREDDED!!!

Home/Gym Starter Programs

8 week home program

This program is for those of you that want to get a workout in at home or on the go, with minimal equipment needed! Each week has a blend of full body, lower, and upper body workouts.
What you’ll need:
Resistance bands (booty bands)
A pair of dumbbells (adjustable if possible)
bench / a chair

8 week Gym Program

This program is divided up into 5 day a week, 8-week training cycle. Every week will progressively challenge you. You will get a new set of 2 upper body workouts, 2 lower body workouts, 1 fully body, and cardio progressions every week.
This program is for people of all skill levels, however, you will need access to a gym.

It’s time to get SHREDDED!!!

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